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The Self-Eulogy - Pre-Writing Your Own Eulogy

Do you want to have the final word?

Usually the person writing a eulogy would be a Minister of Religion, a close friend or a family member, but occasionally the deceased would like to say a few words. This is not as morbid as it may sound. The person may not want others to suffer undue stress, may want to simply keep things 'tidy' or may have certain thoughts or philosophies he or she wishes to leave behind.

Some people jot down facts that may not be widely known. For example, I didn't know until after my father's death where he was born. Some people may want to reassure those attending that there were no regrets. Others may want an inspirational poem or quote included as part of the service. Some may want to combine a bit of humour with the message to live life to the fullest.

For example, "a cigarette may shorten your life by two minutes, a beer may shorten your life by four minutes, but a day working in a job you loathe shortens your life by eight hours".

I have never worked with anyone to assist with writing their own eulogy, but am more than happy to as long as the theme is one of inspiration. I donít think I would be comfortable if the eulogy were a vehicle to tell the kids that they had been left out of the will, or to tell your brother-in-law exactly how much of an idiot you've always thought him to be.

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