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How To Write A Eulogy

Hi, I'm Ian Heydon. I've been a professional writer for over 25 years but it's only in the last 10 years that writing extended to eulogies.

I'm no public speaker. In fact, like most people, I loathe it but I have been called on to deliver six eulogies for family members and friends. Being a writer has certainly helped. While the preparation for the eulogy didn't overcome the nerves, it certainly gave me the confidence to carry out the task on the day of the funeral.

It's a fair bet that you are visiting this site because you have been asked to deliver a eulogy. It should be considered an honour that you have, but with that honour comes the responsibility of delivering memorable words, capturing the life of the deceased, giving comfort to others present and perhaps incorporating humour. As well as an occasion for sorrow, a funeral is also the celebration of a life. You only get five minutes or so to deliver the eulogy, but what an important five minutes it is!

I had little difficulty writing most of the eulogies I was asked to deliver, because they came from the heart. The last one was trickier. I knew and liked the deceased but knew little about his life. I was called on both because I am a writer and because the closer family members did not feel they could do the 'job' justice. Like you, I went to the Internet for assistance but didn't find what I wanted. There were a number of American sites that offered 'Eulogy Kits' for a price. One even advertised "22 eulogies for $20.00 - less than $1 per eulogy!". Also plenty of poetry, but nothing that was relevant for the eulogy I had in mind on this particular occasion.

I wasn't looking for someone else's eulogy but tips on how best to structure a fitting and personal eulogy myself. So I started from scratch, ringing and emailing other family members for their fondest memories and it all fell into place from there. If you are very close to the deceased it can be even harder to write and deliver a eulogy but it may be one of the best things you have ever done to assist your own grieving.

This is a free site to give you some tools to make writing and delivering a eulogy as painless as possible. It need not be as daunting as you imagine. You will find a guide on how to prepare, research, write, rehearse and deliver the speech.

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