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Writing The Eulogy

There is no 'right' way to write. Some like to write by hand, some like to go to the computer. Whatever, it is important that you have a legible copy with you on the day, even if you think you have committed it to memory.

Rather than start at the beginning and let the words flow, it is probably best to have a structure to work to. For example:

  • Introduction - personal reminiscence
  • Person's early life and education
  • The career (workmate anecdote?)
  • The hobbies and interests
  • The 'family' person
  • The qualities, achievement and legacy
  • Closing (fitting quote?)

Now, the 'colouring in' - adding the research and the meaningful words. And you don't have to start at the beginning - start in the section that looks less daunting. You'll be surprised how it will then start to take shape. Most importantly, write as you would speak - this is a conversation with those attending about a person with whom you have things and feelings in common - it isn't a 'reading'.

Once you have finished (work on around 900 words for five minutes - best keep it over 500 words and under 1000) - consider it a draft and put it aside for a few hours (or overnight), then go back, re-read and make any changes. Read out loud so you can feel the rhythm of the language and where some bits may be clumsy.

Some people will suggest recording the speech and hearing it back. Personally, I don't recommend that because not all of us are aware of how we actually sound and you may be too critical of yourself - you will do a better job if you are 'yourself'. Some will also recommend practicing in front of family and friends. If this works for you, fine. Again, while I may ask for feedback on particular bits, personally, I prefer to reveal the eulogy in total on the day.

A couple of technical points - number the pages and write/type BIG (14 point in a readable font).

Having written the eulogy, you can start rehearsing it.

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