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Delivering The Eulogy

As mentioned, the audience is with you 100% when you step up to deliver the eulogy - you are there representing them.

Whatever you do will be fine and undoubtedly the best you can do in the circumstances. Who could ask for more? If you have prepared well, there's nothing to fear and, surprisingly, it will feel like you are up there for a very short time.

A few things to consider:

  • Dress - wear something you are comfortable in. If you never wear a suit and tie, this is not the time to start, you will only look out of place. You can still dress appropriately without following the rigid standards that were once customary.
  • The funeral director will probably think of this but, if not, ask if a glass of water can be kept handy in case of a dry mouth.
  • Take a few deep breaths and all the time you want before starting. Be calm. Take your time. If you mess something up, say it again.
  • Be quietly proud that you have been given the honour to speak and that you have taken the time necessary to prepare, write and rehearse.
  • Think of the eulogy as your gift to the deceased and to those left behind.

On rare occasions, the person who has agreed to deliver the eulogy can be overcome by nerves or emotion on the day and has to either pull out completely or not be able to continue. If there is a chance of this happening, have another person on 'stand-by' with a copy of the eulogy who can step in.

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